Concerto for Jazz Violin and Orchestra (2007)

I.  Blue Reel

II.  Ballad

III. Step Dance

for symphony orchestra and violin solo

Christian Howes, violin solo with Muncie Symphony

Commissioned by Chien Tan

Winner of the University of Miami Concerto Competition

Duration: 15-16 minutes



"The Jazz Violin Concerto has all the seriousness of a classical work—three movements, sophisticated orchestration, great development—but it also has the appeal of idiomatic fiddle writing, evoking wide open skies, sort of along the lines of Aaron Copland. Finally, it's got the 'it factor' of a jazz piece, and it allows the solo voice to really shine through, taking risks."

-Christian Howes, jazz violinist


"The Concerto for Jazz Violin is groundbreaking with the use of improvised violin solos."

-Andrew Paul, US Embassy Cultural Attaché in Kiev, Ukraine


"Routenberg's Concerto for Jazz Violin and Orchestra was wonderful, its syncopated embellishments reminiscent of Aaron Copland, an American hoedown and a whole lot more.  This compostion is a true keeper, every bit as fine as much of Copland and Leonard Bernstein."

-Peg Goldberg Longstreth, THE NEAPOLITAN, Naples,


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Concerto for Horn and Orchestra (2009)

I. Scherzo giocoso

II. Andante affetuoso

III. Larghetto misterioso

for symphony orchestra and French horn solo

Commissioned by Guglielmo Manfredi

Duration: 13 minutes




Sunset at Sea (2007) from Americana Suite

(After the painting by Childe Hassam)

Commissioned by Thomas Sleeper/

The Florida Youth Orchestra

Premiered at Carnegie Hall

Duration: 5 minutes


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Stag at Sharkey's (2007)

for studio orchestra

Recorded at the Fox Newman Scoring Stage

in Los Angeles for the ASCAP Television

and Film Scoring Workshop

Endre Granat, concertmaster; Armin Steiner, scoring mixer, Scott Routenberg, conductor

Duration: 3 minutes















Sofia (2004)

for chamber orchestra and jazz piano trio

Premiered by the Henry Mancini Institute
Chamber Orchestra, Vince Mendoza, conductor

Duration: 5min30sec





Carpathia (2003)

for symphony orchestra

Duration: 4:30

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